Lin Wang

Research Psychologist, U.S. Census Bureau

Dr. Lin Wang is a Research Psychologist with a range of expertise including human performance analysis, eye tracking research, data analytics, healthcare research, and information technology. In his human factors research, Dr. Wang’s interest has been centered on information processing in persons with normal and impaired vision. He has more than 30 years of experiences in eye tracking research using three major methods: Infra-red pupil-center/corneal-reflection technology, electro-oculography, and scleral search coil technology. Dr. Wang has conducted a variety of human performance and usability evaluation studies including air traffic controller vigilance, prosthetic vision, online survey instruments, data dissemination websites, and mobile-device-based web applications; and published about 20 peer-reviewed research articles. He is currently serving as the leader of the Human Factors Research Group at the U.S. Census Bureau.

My Sessions

Evidence-based and human-centered guidelines development for mobile survey design

Maryland E

With the increasing ubiquity of smartphones, survey practice has quietly been revolutionized. Instead of conducting a phone interview or mailing a questionnaire on paper, more and more surveys are now conducted on the internet with smartphones. Online surveys on smartphones have indisputable advantages, such as convenience to respond, greater coverage, and lower cost. On the […]

Design Psychology Senior level