Thyra Rauch

UX Researcher, IBM in support of Acoustic

Thyra, at IBM for 30+ years, currently works on marketing applications as part of Acoustic as a UX Researcher.

She has conducted a variety of UX evaluations, in a variety of locations, using a variety of protocols (moderated, unmoderated, local and remote), both for formative and summative purposes.

She has co-taught classes on HCI in the Master’s program at BSU, mentors UX practitioners new to user research and evaluation, and has co-taught tutorials on usability testing at UXPA in past years.

Thyra has been an active member of UXPA since 1992, and has a Ph.D. in experimental psychology.

My Sessions

Tell me more… moderating UX Studies

Watertable B

When moderating UX studies, it’s usually not a question of “if” but “when” things will go wrong, or at least head off in a different direction from what you had planned. Learn what to do when things get a bit awkward, or you run into a “difficult” participant in this session. Being prepared for such […]

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