Luana Ramcharran

Director of Product Design, Zenput

Luana Ramcharran is the Director of Product Design at Zenput (a food safety and operations execution startup) and the founder of Luana Ram Design, LLC (also known as LRD). She is based in Houston, TX

As one of the first Product Design Engineers in the Greater Houston area, Luana’s distinctive background in engineering, industrial design, and anthropology has demonstrated success in product designs for medical devices, household goods, beauty products, consumer electronics, as well as graphic user interfaces in web and mobile applications for over 13 years.

Her focused approach on user-centered design during the creation process of products takes people and culture into consideration first in order to implement designs. The results are everyday products that users can connect with on an emotional level.

She enjoys working with her peers on challenging concepts, and mentoring aspiring in impactful user experience strategy, helping them turn ideas into reality.

My Sessions

Workshopping to execution: how design sprints and agile work together

Maryland F

Design Thinking and Agile frameworks constantly have team members butting heads – in principle, they align, but in practice, teams struggle to have them work together. In this session, we’ll cover tried-and-true tools for communicating and practicing how you can go from sprints and workshops into Agile plans for execution in design and development. Our […]

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