Workshopping to execution: how design sprints and agile work together

Maryland F

Design Thinking and Agile frameworks constantly have team members butting heads – in principle, they align, but in practice, teams struggle to have them work together. In this session, we’ll cover tried-and-true tools for communicating and practicing how you can go from sprints and workshops into Agile plans for execution in design and development.

Our small team of experience designers faced a Goliath-situation at global enterprise organization – everyone talked about being ‘customer-centric’, but no one quite understood where UX fit into the process of getting digital products into the hands of our customers (other than “”making it pop””). We took steps to introduce design sprints and strategy workshops, and our peers were still confused on what exactly to do next. We then used design tools to connect these abstract workshop outcomes into concrete plans-of-attack with our entire team and sparks ignited.

We’ll be covering real case studies from our large organization and teach you step-by-step practical applications of how you can communicate and create development plans, tying together user centered design and agile frameworks.

Senior level UX Strategy