Jon Temple

Senior UX Designer, IBM

Jon Temple is a senior UX designer at IBM, in CIO Design, with over 20 years of experience in user-centered design and research. He received his AB from Vassar College in Psychology, and his MA and Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati in Experimental Psychology. He completed post docs in HCI and in Human Factors.

He typically supports several projects running concurrently, including web and mobile application design, UX research to uncover user needs and pain points spanning multiple applications, exploring methods for improving the alignment between agile and design, and mentoring.

My Sessions

How do you know your users feel satisfied? Evidence-based best practices to give you confidence.

Maryland B

Based on a visually rich discussion of how four social messaging apps/platforms positioned and presented their affordances and value propositions in different ways, the talk offers strategic design advice on designing for technology affordances and co-creating value propositions to sustain local cultures and attract global users.

Entry level Tools and Techniques

Putting words in the mouths of chatbots: designing cognitive intents

Baltimore B

Chatbots have emerged as a powerful new technology in our daily lives. Sometimes they attempt to answer our questions or provide advice, while other times they ask screening questions before handing off to another human. Despite their ubiquity, the capabilities of chatbots are often misunderstood with many people believing the chatbot can generate unique answers […]

Entry level