Stephen Woodburn

Senior User Experience Designer and Researcher, IBM

Stephen is a Senior User Experience Designer and Researcher in the IBM CIO Design group. During his career of over 20 years in information technology, he has applied a user-centric approach to interface design across the domains of communications, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sales and marketing, and support. In his current role, he is responsible for gathering, visualizing, and making readily available measures of UX health for tools and applications that IBM employees use, in the mission to “make work better.” Stephen enjoys the challenge of making data speak, but even more, enjoys speaking with users, “I never fail to learn something with I speak with an end-user.” He earned his B.A. in Experimental Psychology at Northwestern University, then conducted graduate studies in Human Factors Psychology at North Carolina State University. In his leisure time he enjoys hiking and mountain biking – go up to go down.

My Sessions

How do you know your users feel satisfied? Evidence-based best practices to give you confidence.

Maryland B

Based on a visually rich discussion of how four social messaging apps/platforms positioned and presented their affordances and value propositions in different ways, the talk offers strategic design advice on designing for technology affordances and co-creating value propositions to sustain local cultures and attract global users.

Entry level Tools and Techniques