Simon Ramm

UX researcher, Rivian Automotive

Simon Ramm is a UX researcher at Rivian Automotive, a new adventure-oriented electric vehicle maker. After a career in engineering and design, he turned to the soft side following fascinations (and frustrations) with modern UI, and a realization that psychology of interaction is as important as the interface design itself. His PhD involved spending 3 years watching drivers drive, before joining Jaguar Land Rover to work on usability testing, car voice, and exploratory UX research.

My Sessions

Keep RITE at the fork – using Rapid Iterative Testing to accelerate automotive UX research and design: a case study

Maryland CD

How can a new vehicle maker ‘fast find and fix’ usability problems when its production cars do not yet exist, where the system itself is confidential – all while obeying highway and covid regulations too? We describe the use of Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation (RITE) to study, over a period of two weeks, a […]

Innovation and Emerging Technologies Senior level