Katie Kline

Senior Content Strategist, Bixal

Katie is an award-winning communications professional, content strategist and NNG-certified UX designer. She has been designing and maintaining websites for over 13 years in various roles, primarily in the nonprofit sector. In a previous position, she served as the technical and UX lead for a complete reimagining of a health nonprofit website, with duties including development of the information architecture and navigation, content strategy and full migration from a legacy content management system to WordPress. Her passions include presenting content and designing user interfaces to be easy and engaging for users to navigate and interact with.

My Sessions

Breaking down silos: UX research methodologies for a strong, robust content strategy

Maryland CD

Traditionally, UX strategy and content strategy have been disparate disciplines with separate processes, tools and deliverables during digital project discovery and development. But working together, UXers and content strategists can coalesce around research methodologies to create a collaborative and fruitful dynamic that is inclusive of all groups, including the client, stakeholders and customers.

Senior level Tools and Techniques