Justin Dauer

Keynote Speaker, Vice President of Design at bswift, CVS Health

Justin is a multi-faceted, multi-pierced, multi-tattooed designer, author, and speaker with 23 years of experience (across agency, studio, and tech) from Chicago. His passions lie in building inclusive and diverse teams, fostering creative cultures, and advocating for design serving the human connection.

You’ll find him often engaging with the AIGA’s speaking events, interviewed in Forbes magazine and Medium’s “Forge” publication, and penning articles for CEO World Magazine and A List Apart. He speaks internationally on culture and design (most recently via the opening keynote at Midwest UX, and the Big Design Conference). Justin is also the writer of the celebrated book “Creative Culture” and is currently the Vice President of Design at bswift, a CVS Health company.

My Sessions

Opening keynote – Our Imperatives: Connection and Fulfillment

Maryland CD

What fulfills you, inclusive of both sides of your personal and professional journey? Research? Questioning? Advocating? Connection? Communicating? Elements such as these are common to both spheres of existence. Understanding this, in tandem with a clear value system, is essential to defining your legacy as a designer. The designer’s legacy isn’t built upon tools. The […]