Ari Weissman

Director of UX, Crownpeak

Ari Weissman is currently the Director of UX for Crownpeak, a SaaS B2B product organization helping marketers create and share great content. Ari spent the first 10 years of his career working with international creative agencies helping Fortune 500 organizations through digital transformation. Ari has covered the full spectrum of user experience from user research and design discovery through interaction design and testing. Ari is also passionate about teaching and education. He is a lead instructor of UX Design with General Assembly, having taught in both the Sydney and Denver schools.

My Sessions

Starting from scratch: creating a UX practice

Maryland E

How do you start from scratch? How do you build and grow a UX team within your organization where none existed? Many organizations “do UX” in name only. There are people who might have the UX Designer title, but aren’t talking to users, leaving the product or engineering teams to drive the experience. It’s not […]

Senior level UX Strategy