Defining Meaningful Requirements


Defining new product or service requirements is often treated as a tedious task to slog through so that the “real work” — design and development — may begin. But the largest market opportunities usually come from identifying an unmet need that others have overlooked, rather than simply improving interface design or tweaking features. How can we identify these unmet needs? By taking a step back and conducting a more meaningful process. This workshop will address the four high level areas necessary to build a solid base of requirements: business drivers, user needs, technology frameworks and environmental/social impact. We will work through how to ensure user needs are at the heart of your planning, how to craft requirements that can be flexibly adapted to an Agile process, and how to negotiate effectively with your other stakeholders. This is a hands-on, fast-paced workshop that will leave you with tangible tools that you can take back to your organization and share for maximum impact.

Senior level UX Strategy