Stacy Merrill Surla

Vice President, MetaMetrics Inc.

Stacy Surla has created and led workshops for government, industry, and the UX community for over 20 years. Drawing on her experiences as a performance artist, UX practitioner, and teacher, Stacy helps people transform meetings into more engaging and effective ways to get work done.  In all her undertakings, she integrates design thinking, Lean UX, and user-centered methods to put people at the heart of each effort.

Stacy is Vice President of MetaMetrics Inc., an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland iSchool, and was a twice-elected officer of the Information Architecture Institute.

My Sessions

The art and science of workshop design


Perhaps you groan at the thought of a two-day offsite, or have experienced poorly organized meetings that produced more frustration than results. Now you can do something about that! Planning and facilitating working sessions and workshops are important UX skills, but they’re not normally taught in school or on the job. In this engaging, hands-on […]

Senior level Tools and Techniques