Mike Bartels

Director of Marketing Research and UX, Tobii Pro

Mike Bartels is the Director of Marketing Research and UX at Tobii Pro in North America. He has a master’s degree in experimental psychology and 15 years of experience within the field of eye-tracking research across a range of different commercial and academic fields. His publications include articles for several marketing research magazines including Quirks, QRCA Views, MRA Alert, and a book chapter in Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (published in 2014 by Schall and Bergstrom).

My Sessions

Eye tracking in the New World of UX – Sponsored by Tobii Pro

Maryland F

The world of user experience evolves rapidly, and so too must the research approaches used to examine it. Adoption of eye tracking as a tool for understanding usability started around the time of the dotcom boom, and it has continued to “grow up” alongside the worldwide web for the past twenty years. In this presentation, […]