Lisa Battle

Principal Consultant, Design for Context

Lisa Battle is the president and founder of Design for Context, and has designed usable SaaS applications, enterprise applications, mobile apps and web sites for clients in a variety of industries and in the Federal government. She frequently consults on the design of dashboards and data visualizations for applications. Her work with project teams includes eliciting user needs, clarifying business goals, and designing creative user interface solutions that improve user experience and productivity. She holds a master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology/Human Factors from George Mason University.

My Sessions

Guiding users towards action: empowering decisions through effective data design

Maryland F

How do you provide meaningful insights that lead to action? When designing a UI, we need to consider what data to display, how to display it in a way that helps users interpret its meaning, and how best to indicate what can be done based on the data and its meaning. Good design can help […]

Interaction and Visual Design Senior level