Josh DeLung

Senior Digital and Experience Strategist, ICF Next

Josh DeLung is a senior digital and experience strategist and proven organizational leader. He brings 17 years of strategic communication experience with a focus on building and managing effective teams. At ICF Next, Josh leads a team of more than 20 experts in the Experience Practice as its strategy and quality lead. He serves as a CX, content and product strategist on multiple commercial and government projects for Cabinet-level government agencies and Fortune 50 companies.

Prior to ICF, Josh built and led the team responsible for creating EnergyEmpowers.gov, a collaboration of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Office of the Vice President of the United States, and a key project of the Recovery Act. He also ran client services and served as the senior digital strategist for a woman-owned small business focused on public sector marketing, where he reported directly to the CEO. Josh served six years in the U.S. Army and has a Master’s degree from Virginia Tech. He resides in Potomac Falls, Va.

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Journey mapping tools and techniques: research, design and action planning

Maryland E

Journey mapping is a commonly used methodology in customer experience (CX) research that helps organizations understand different aspects of their relationship with customers. Through research, the hypothesized experience at each touchpoint with a customer is refuted or validated. This effort tells organizations where they are positively influencing customer retention and word-of-mouth or negatively influencing it. […]

Entry level Tools and Techniques