Jen Romano

UX Researcher and Manager, Google

Jen Romano is a UX Researcher and Manager at Google, an instructor at UC Berkeley and the University of Maryland, and a UXR Coach. She specializes in efficient applications of research methods to ensure scientific rigor is not compromised while working fast to gain actionable results. Jen is co-author of Usability Testing for Survey Research (2017) and co-author/editor of Eye Tracking in User Experience Design (2014). She has held UX positions in both industry and government, and as an independent consultant.

My Sessions

Are you a mid-career UX professional and wondering what’s next? Let’s talk about it.

Baltimore A

Being a mid-career UX professional puts you in a funny place. You were probably doing UX work before UX was a term people used. Now you’re mid-way through your career and you’re wondering where you go from here. What comes next at year 15 or 20 or 25 or 30? How do you keep the […]

Career Development and Management Senior level

Leading with Speed and Empathy: Motivating the Team to Work Fast While Maintaining Well-Being


Oftentimes in industry, we are tasked with moving fast when conducting UX Research. Business decisions are being made, product changes must launch, a new feature is being announced at a big conference…and we have to show the research results that are essential to these user-centered decisions. But how on earth can we complete great research […]

Senior level UX Strategy