Huatong Sun

Associate Professor, University of Washington Tacoma

• Associate Professor in cross-cultural, multi-cultural, and global UX design at University of Washington Tacoma, I teach and practice on how to design and innovate for usable, meaningful, and empowering technology in this globalized world to bridge cultural differences. • Oxford University Press book author of “Cross-Cultural Technology Design” (2012) and “Global Social Media Design” (2020). The former won a best technical communication book award and received endorsements from “Fast Company” and “User Experience Magazine.” • Author for the UXPA magazine. I frequently speak at the top conferences such as SXSW, CHI, STC, and ATTW, and run workshops at local SIGs and international conferences.

My Sessions

Designing Technology Affordances as Culturally Sustaining Value Propositions for Global Innovations

Baltimore A

Nowadays the ultimate value of a social media innovation often depends on its global success, and companies are competing for both a local market share and global domination. This talk presents a global competition case of four social messaging apps originated from the Pacific Rim, including WhatsApp from the U.S., KakaoTalk from South Korea, WeChat […]

Entry level Innovation and Emerging Technologies