Everett McKay

Principal of UX and UX design trainer, UX Design Edge

Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge and a UX design trainer and consultant with global clientele. Everett’s specialty is finding practical, intuitive, simple, highly usable solutions quickly for web, mobile, and desktop applications. Everett has over 30 years’ experience in user interface design and has delivered UX design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe, Australia, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Everett is author of “Intuitive Design: Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI”, the definitive guide to designing intuitive interactions, and “UI Is Communication: How to Design Intuitive, User Centered Interfaces by Focusing on Effective Communication”, a groundbreaking approach to UI design using human communication-based principles and techniques. While at Microsoft, Everett wrote the Windows UX Guidelines for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Everett holds a master’s degree in computer science from MIT.

My Sessions

Writing effective scenarios workshop


Designers on Agile/Scrum teams employ user stories as a tool to scope their work and presumably, have discussions to gain insight about target users and their needs. But the typical user story is essentially a feature request, often in the format of “As a user, I need [a] so that I can .” (Yes, that’s […]

Senior level Tools and Techniques

Agile research data for agile teams: How to be data-informed, quickly


One of the most fundamental concepts in UX design is that you aren’t your users, so you need data to make informed decisions, validate hypotheses, and avoid the sin of designing for yourself. You are on an agile and possibly lean team and know that the quality of your decisions only as good as the […]

Deep dive Tools and Techniques