Christy Harper

Co-owner and Managing Partner, End to End User Research

Christy has a 20 year career starting at Compaq and HP. Currently she is the founding partner of End to End User Research. Helping teams measure the ROI of UX research and understanding its impact has been a consistent method of sharing her teams’ success and growing research programs. As a research manager at HP and as the co-owner of a UX research consultancy, she is adept at finding ways to share the value of good UX research. She is a lecturer, an active mentor, and a UHCL Distinguished Alumni who sits on the university‚Äôs advisory board for the graduate Applied Human Factors program.

My Sessions

How to quantify the ROI of UX research, 5 methods to demonstrate impact

Maryland F

Showing the ROI of user research can be challenging. In this talk, I will share 5 ways that I have used to estimate and communicate the business value of user research. I share stories and examples that demonstrate how and when each method can be used, tips for calculations and potential drawbacks to each method. […]

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