Chris Rourke

Founder and CEO, User Vision

Chris is the founder and CEO of User Vision, one of the UK’s most experienced UX agencies which has conducted hundreds of projects for clients worldwide. This includes many projects for leading commercial businesses and various organisations in the UK, the European Union and the Middle East.
Chris is passionate about all areas of UX and user-centred design, especially information architecture, accessibility and UX Strategy. He loves discovering and innovating new ways to perform user research and ensuring user-centred designs are implemented. He’s also keen to help clients achieve the benefits of designing for their customers and spreading the good word about the fields of service design and user experience. Relevant for this talk, he has worked alongside BAs and seen first-hand how priorities from user research can be compromised by business and technology drivers. Chris is the UK national expert for the International UX Qualification Board (UXQB) contributing to their curriculum training programme.

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