Poster Presentation

Exhibit Hall

Join this informal session and explore the posters of UXPA International 2020.

Posters will be presented by:

Faith Demir: “Designing a Voice User Interface System for English Language Learners: Lessons Learned”

Temika Holland: “A UX driven approach to incorporating Machine Learning in government products”

Jeffrey Pass: “From User Focus to DCUX: A Historical Overview of UXPA DC Conferences”

Greg Walsh: “8 Tenets for Designers that will not Make You Rich”

Rajesh Kalidindi: “Accessibility Checklist for UX Designers”

Felix Portnoy: “Dashboard For Humans: Designing useful dashboards to help real people get answers”

Tyreek Houston, “Awareness and Usage of PROGRAM: The Underrepresented Experience”

Hye-Kyung Bae, “Exploring new UX teaching methods for virtual reality”

Martha Valenta, “APIs & CLIs: Humanizing the Developer Experience”