Leading with Speed and Empathy: Motivating the Team to Work Fast While Maintaining Well-Being


Oftentimes in industry, we are tasked with moving fast when conducting UX Research. Business decisions are being made, product changes must launch, a new feature is being announced at a big conference…and we have to show the research results that are essential to these user-centered decisions. But how on earth can we complete great research that we can stand behind in just a matter of weeks when participants recruitment alone often takes a few weeks?! And who do we pick to staff it? And how do we ensure they enjoy the experience? In this course, Jen will show you tips and tricks for moving fast while maintaining the rigor that we are known and trusted for. She will discuss strategies for selecting team members, motivating them to work fast and juggle lots of moving parts, while maintaining well-being. You will be able to apply learnings immediately.

Senior level UX Strategy