Journey mapping tools and techniques: research, design and action planning

Maryland E

Journey mapping is a commonly used methodology in customer experience (CX) research that helps organizations understand different aspects of their relationship with customers. Through research, the hypothesized experience at each touchpoint with a customer is refuted or validated. This effort tells organizations where they are positively influencing customer retention and word-of-mouth or negatively influencing it. Once this is documented (mapped), the organization can more effectively plan actions that will result in a better experience. And by tying key CX metrics to sales or other goals, they can use journey mapping as a tool for uncovering CX investments that have the best return for the organization.

In UX strategy, journey mapping is an effective way to understand which touchpoints intersect with systems that could benefit from improved usability to increase user satisfaction, whether those users are employees, customers or citizens. This session will cover a four-step approach to effectively integrating journey mapping into your organization’s UX strategy process, inclusive of the applicable research methods and tools that help make journey mapping most effective.”

Entry level Tools and Techniques